" Artemis, daughter of Zeus and Latona, personification of the female warrior spirit, undisputed model of integrity and independence, lunar deity also identified as the goddess of archery and maketre symbol of light generating vita".
The myth of Artemis, from antiquity to the present day, gives us a model of a woman with great psychological strength, her energy is that that makes women proud of their self-sufficiency and, facing life with vigour, does not let herself be bent by obstacles.
The collective exhibition PREMIO ARTEmide was born with the aim of enhancing women who work in the world of ART, looking at that female archetype that leads them "tofight" firmly for the causes in which she believes, to defendwith conviction and intellectual honesty the ideals and values that motivate her choices without allowing them to be "contaminated" by compromises of convenience or opportunism "marrying" the principles that inspire her idealism.
A collective exhibition all to the feministthat shows women as architects of a process of change in art clearing them from the mere role of Musa inspiretrice, hovering between the awareness of one's self and the constraints of society.
A story, made of images, of our age to break down the certainties of an artistic culture (past) large and rich that is thought and transmitted as neutral through male genealogies but that has dulled the WOMAN ARTIST.

The collective exhibition aims to be a retrospective that enhances the talent and creative flair of women, Artists, who through their sensitivity translate and tell the female universe in the month dedicated to them.


Women Artists: Soledad Agresti - Miss Piz- Jessica Ielpo - Elena Valeri - Valentina Simonetto - Mair Daloiso - Isabella Borrione - Martina Bozzolan - Brandi Junios - Mair Chiara Del Sante- Orsola Biagini – Carla Giolito – Cristina Smeraldi – Elena Bisoglio – Miriam Modena – Rachele Tofanelli – Noemi Passarelli – Patrizia Schettino – Loredana Maffei – Malgorzata Pindel

Art curator
Dr Ilaria Giacobbi
Prof.ssa Soledad Agresti

"I cry my heart" is a site-specific work created for the Bauhaus Home Gallery.Soledad Agresti creates an ethereal, floating installation that, thanks to the use of Wood's lamp, draws the woman's face in the air.With this absolute face it represents the female passion, the artist intends to overturn the vision that has always stigmatized it as weakness; tears of the face flow into a rivulet that, in turn, generates a heart and the heart is nothing more than the matrix of courage (from the Latin _cor habeo_, having heart). Not a weakness, then, but a strength ... Strength.
Soledad Agresti
Special guest: inside the collective exhibition a section will be dedicated to the Artists Marco Polo Rivera & Riccardo Pagano: a POP omggio to women.
Opening 07.03.2020
Opening 7.30 PM
The inaugural ceremony and plaque delivery will be filmed by the Gold Network cameras and included in the ARTE24 section
Free Entrance

Bauhaus Home Gallery è uno spazio polifunzionale ROME ART WEEK

The RoomExhibition, inside Bauhaus Home Gallery,is born from an idea of an artistic sharing"inclusive and not exclusive" from an artistic project of the curator and art historian Ilaria Giacobbi, deliberately imprinted on ambiguity: Contemporary Art is exhibited, shown inside museum spaces but, starting from the concept of "ARTE LIBERA & LIBERATA" every place is exhibition,
Un POP artistic experimentation project: inside Bauhaus Home we go to recreate a Factory, a real gym of creativity, animated by Artists and art experts, where the exhibition space becomes a place of choice, workshop where everyone is moved by a common intent, the Art in becoming, reflection/manifesto of every era, enhancing its dialectical relationship with the viewer/user who now sees the work of art cleared from its natural exhibition context to be (re)placed within the walls domestic homes.
The Home Gallery as the place of choice of art also takes up the wunderkammer principle, to allow the individual constant and daily enjoyment, but also personal and intimidating

The artistic creations are placed in each room, divided by style or current, with an arrangement that does not alter the domestic space but with the work of ART dialogues: an exhibition path in a house/museum where the furniture and design conspirators are deduced from the works themselves; but also a sensory artistic experience that is manifested through the VIDEO ART (and the component of different music in each environment): with the use of monitors, looped videos of the works, blocked and impresse images by the artists on the canvas, mirrors are placed at the opposite time in motion. The lighting, the light, conceived as a fundamental element (for the set-up) reflects and breaks down creating brilliant effects in space.

Located in the famous and historic district of Pigneto, a short walk from the Termini Station, a triangle of streets with a retro charm between the Prenestina street and the Casilina street where shreds of imperial history coexist with a Romanesque ness in constant transformation."
The Pigneto is the winning combination of two opposing and strong personalities, the daytime one representative of the characteristic Romanesque soul, and the nocturnal symbol of a recent and sought-after reality of the movida Romana.Il Pigneto is the neighborhood of ' Accattone' and Pier Paolo Pasolini, as well as the set of other great films such as "Rome Open City" by Roberto Rossellini with Anna Magnani and Aldo Fabrizi.Today the centerpiece of Roman Urban Art, a neighborhood that exudes energy 24 hours a day."


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